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O It exists to offer inspiring musical experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds who have not necessarily had much contact with classical music and musicians.

O For the founders of the IMAG it was extremely important to make non profit projects happen, to share the magic and valuable social effects of classical music all over the world from the very first day of the IMAG, as it is part of it's DNA.

O The program offers support and training for emerging young instrumentalists, composers and conductors, and gives insight into music for people who would like to discover more and didn't have the possibilities yet.


In 2023, the International Music Academy Germany embarked on an ambitious and impactful educational project, completely organized by our "IMAG for all"managing director Yolanda Enriquez Mendez and led by the internationally performing cellists Johannes Raab (Germany) and Daniel Curtaz (Italy). This endeavor took them across the vibrant landscape of Mexico for a duration of six weeks, leaving an indelible mark on the world of classical music education of this Nation. It was a unique opportunity for these young talents to bridge the gap between education and professional practice, setting them on a path towards a successful and fulfilling musical career.


Over the course of this remarkable journey, they ventured into five cities, bringing with them their wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with aspiring young musicians. Through a series of masterclasses and performances, they collectively reached out to hundreds of eager students, instilling in them the passion and skills required to excel in the world of classical music.


The elite of Mexico's young talents was participating in the first international cello competition "Manuel Maria Ponce". The three prizewinner Pablo Ivan Montero Perez (3rd price), Carlos André Ibarra Reynoso (2nd price) and Fernanda Nayeli Garcia Medina (first price) won scholarships of the IMAG and are now able to continue their work with our professors, to reach their ambitious goals.

One of the standout features of this educational odyssey was the collaboration with six professional orchestras with which Raab and Curtaz performed a couple of different solo concertos. Also they shared the stage for solo and duo performances.


In total, Johannes Raab and Daniel Curtaz performed together more than 35 concerts in this time. More than that, they performed together with their students in the master class final concerts, showcasing the impressive progress of their students. The Team of the IMAG feels so proud and blessed to be able to execute such an ambitious project  so soon after founding the academy. We are hoping that this project had a sustainable impact on the already so rich classical music landscape of Mexico.


This Education Project by the International Music Academy Germany stands as a testament to the power of music education, transcending borders and inspiring the next generation of classical musicians in Mexico. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of musical excellence knows no bounds, and with dedication and the right guidance, aspiring talents can reach new heights.


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